Sunday, August 04, 2013

Pocono Schedule


 August 1 - 3  Rick
August 4 - 11  Tina

August 12 - 14   Phil

August 15 - 17 Rick and Marlene

August 22 - 24   Ruhl 

August 27 - September 1   Tina

Sept 5 - 7   Marlene

Sept 12 - 14  Dave and Roxxie

Sept 19-21  Ruhl 

Oct 10-12 Esch

Oct 13 - 18  Sam and Georgie

Oct 24-26  Amy

Nov. 7-9  Ruhl 

Nov, 14-16  Jordan M. 

Nov 21 - 23 Esch

Nov 26 - Dec 2- Ruhl  

Dec. 6-8 Martin family 

Dec. 12 - 14  Jay and Tina

Dec 19 - 21  Esch

Dec 26 - Jan 1 - Mike  

Saturday, March 17, 2012

March Birthdays

March 16, 2012

Of the eleven Jacobs siblings, four were born in March. Twila 98, Dwight 90, Roma 81 and Dorothea 78.

This confluence of birthdays has been a good reason to get together, those who can, every year to celebrate and to honor those who have entered a new year in March. Dwight was off in Florida so could not be with us but the other three were there. In addition, Dorothy, Paul and Deanna, Sylvia, Brad and Anna Ruth and I enjoyed the celebration at the Red Lobster in Geistown, near Johnstown.

This was the first of these events without our sister Erma.

Dot, Brad and Roma arrive at Red Lobster. Brad was a bit woozie at first because he had just come away from a colon scan that required a long fast.

The honored ones, Twila, Roma and Dorothea (Dot)

Twila, our MATRIARCH, studies the menu. She struggles with macular degenertion but continues to paint her lovely oils and stays amazingly alert and interested in everything.

Here she is with Sylvia, her daughter and soul companion.

Sylvia and Dorothy try to decide what to order. Everything looks great.

Deanna makes her choice

Brad and Paul excange some expertise on menus. Brad finally decided to break his 36 hour fast with salmon. Good choice, Brad.